BEAM detects an object, person etc crossing its path and outputs a pulse of DMX. It is used as a DMX input to a control surface such as an MA or Pharos to serve as an input to an interactive system.  Each system has four inputs and comes with four sensors and reflectors.

Mount the reflectors opposite the receivers for maximum range (up to 6M!) as the beam is broken the DMX channel will go to full for the defined length of time. There is then a lockout time where re triggering cannot occur. This stops double triggering on a pair of legs etc.


  • 5 DMX Channels  – 1-4 Sensor outputs, 5th is a 1 Hz pulse.
  • Omron Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensor 100mm to 6M Detection Range IP64 – on XLR4 so cable can be extended with regular scroller cable
  • LED provided for status of each input
  • Length of pulse and lockout between pulses can be specified.
  • DMX output on XLR 5pin
  • All connectors Neutrik
  • Powercon power inlet (please specify plug type required)


  • 4 x 0mron Sensor E3JK-RR12
  • 4 x Omron retroreflector ( 35mmx30mm) –
  • 4 x Sensor bracket
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x Mains lead