White water, and a first go at the STATUS front

Prototype boards are in production for the next round of improvements.

The CNC machine has had a coolant upgrade.  I was having to constantly squirt WD40 onto the end mills when cutting metals, which is both a pain in the ass and probably an environmental disaster, not to mention breathing in hot WD40 fumes is I’m sure not going to increase my life span.

4 trips to Screwfix later I have a load of 22mm compression plumbing fittings, a central heating header tank and  pump. Amazon has provided a ‘whole house 5 micron’ water filter to filter the small chips out. I ordered up some pre cut polycarbonate sheets to make a box/tray and stuck it all together with solvent weld.  The coolant pumps onto the cutter, then drains into the tray and into a sink waste, then back into the tank.  It develops a pretty decent pressure so I hope that will blow away those irritating bits of metal that get welded to the cutter.

And now with the 4.3″ screen on the Ping display.

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