LTC / Audio source

At the moment I have to check three audio related things daily – so I made this box to spit out LTC and Left and Right ident tones.

It is super simple, inside has two MP3 player modules, a battery charger and lipo battery, and  some balancing transformers.  The switches let you play two different files depending on their position.

One MP3 player does the stereo pair, the other the mono. So at the moment LTC comes out of the mono output and a left/right ident tone comes out of the L and R outputs. This helps me check that everything is plugged in the correct way around all the way through the various snakes and crossovers to be received at my rack.  You can load files with the USB sockets on the right, and the unit is charged with the socket in the centre.

It could be useful for building up racks when you just need to insert a bit of timecode and check it is getting to everything, or audio is getting to all your recorders etc.



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