LED Birdie

So i’ve got bored of the flickering birdie transformers, the plugs that are almost as big as the lamps, and the socca spider on the front of the stage just to get a bit of nice looking foot light.

Behold the LED Birdie.

Powered from your 24V scroller PSU, the birdie has a 4 pin XLR in and out (just like a scroller) so you can loop them together with your existing 4pin scroller cable. Inside is a tiny DMX decoder and LED dimmer. The birdie takes one of the new 12V MR16 high-power LED Lamps. Addressing is set with a single switch (operated by paper clip) – Set the channel and only that channel to be used 50% or more on your console or DMX tester and press the button. Done!

Depending on your PSU, you should be able to run a fairly serious amount on one line, due to the tiny current requirements.

I will be using these this summer with a car battery instead of a scroller PSU, for a bit of mains free dimmable, easily controllable light.

These are some photos of the first run of birdies. They were used to light Goat and Monkeys ‘The Seed’ project in a yurt in Wakehurst Place Gardens, East Sussex.

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