Mini DMX Tester: STATE

This project has been on the table for a very long time, and probably will continue to be developed as it still has incomplete features.

The idea was to create a better DMX tester. There are five modes,
DMX State – Where each channel level is retained and a state can be created.
Chan Check – Channel @ Level Rem Dim.
Autofade – A sine wave is applied to the chosen channel.
Autofade range – A sine wave is applied to a number of channels in sequence.
DMX in – Displays 8 channels per page.

The unit has a tiny OLED screen, and a LiPo battery charged by a mini usb socket on the side.

As it hold the state, it could be used to replace a lighting desk in one of those “we just need to turn the LEDs on” sort of situations.

Developments to include:

Storing of more than one state.
DMX in socket.
Better housing.

NEW, board, enclosure, and in production for sale! – see here…

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