ETC EOS Moving light focus Photos….

A few years ago I wrote a bit of software to automate taking of focus photos using a strand500 and MIDI. It is time for an update, I have been sitting in the theatre writing this in gaps between being needed smashing keys on the typewriter. This time it works with ETC desks using the remote client connection and dongle, and takes photos using a Cannon camera. The application renames the files downloaded to the computer by Canon’s own software, with the channel and preset that it has driven the light too.

The presets photos that need to be taken are saved in a .CSV file in the application folder, a line for each.

This should speed up the process of documenting my moving light focus in a weeks time. Still to do is an parser to automatically generate the ‘used preset’ list, but that is for another day.

You can see me doing a terrible demonstration here.

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