Goal! (again)


A few months ago I did a rush job to detect some footballs in very small football nets for a football boot brand, the player had to boot the ball into small holes in a wall in sequence to win.   I got this working with one of my “BEAM” boxes, but modified to accept 12 laser beam break sensors, so that a invisible net could be formed just behind the hole.

It worked, but It got me thinking, what would happen if I could do it without the fuss of all those sensors and reflectors. AND what would happen if I could sense the velocity of the ball and turn that into some kind of lighting or sound buisness.

In this weeks Seeeed delivery was GOAL! a board I have deisgned to take the input from a 3 axis accelerometer and turns it directly into DMX. The DMX comes out of an RJ45 socket that also has power input on it, so it could be mounted in a speeding ball proof container and clipped to the net directly for some interesting sensing!


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